Ooredoo launches commercial 3G network in Algeria

December 23, 2013 - 3:41:29 am

Joseph Ged, CEO, Ooredoo Algeria, addressing the event.

DOHA: Ooredoo launched the first commercial 3G network in Algeria this week.

Within hours of receiving final regulatory approval, Ooredoo Algeria (formerly known as Nedjma) launched commercial 3G services for millions of customers in 10 major cities across the country, with coverage in Algiers, Constantine, Oran, Ouargla, Sétif, Djelfa and exclusively in Béjaia, Chlef, Bouira and Ghardaïa. 

The network enables customers with 3G-enabled devices to experience the fastest mobile broadband in Algeria, at no additional cost. 

Customers can access the network by obtaining a second 3G-enabled number for free from Ooredoo, and adding it to their existing SIM card. 

With the new network, customers can access new services such as video calls, high-speed Internet surfing, application downloads, video/music streaming and more. 

Dr Nasser Marafih, Group CEO, Ooredoo, said: “With this week’s successful launch of 3G services in Algeria, we aim at enriching the lives of people by bringing them the fastest and most reliable mobile broadband service ever offered in the country. 

“I congratulate the team for the speed and professionalism of this roll-out, which reflects our commitment to deliver an incredible level of service to customers around the world.” 

Joseph Ged, CEO, Ooredoo Algeria, said: “We’re proud to say that our 3G network went live within 10 days of finalising the licensing process and within 12 hours of receiving final approval from the regulator. 

“Ooredoo has launched the first commercial 3G service in Algeria, delivering a historic moment of technological benefit for the people of our country and contributing to the development of a knowledge-based economy for all.” 

By enabling customers to use their original SIM card to access 3G services, at the existing rates for 2G services, Ooredoo is ensuring that 3G is widely available to as many people as possible, supporting its vision of broadband access for all in Algeria. 

Ooredoo offers customers a range of weekly, monthly and special mobile Internet packages, including a new “Unlimited Internet data offer”, the first of its kind in Algeria. 

More special packages will be made available in the weeks ahead. 

The company is also working to expand the 3G network further across Algeria, to provide a seamless network and enhance mobile Internet access. 

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