SCH: School doctors to be registered in new category

December 19, 2013 - 3:53:44 am

DOHA: All physicians working with schools or clinics serving schools will be registered and licensed under a new category, “school physician”, the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) has said.

The SCH has asked all school physicians to complete the licensing procedures that are applicable to physicians working in other sectors.

The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP), the SCH body responsible for licensing physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners has issued a circular to all schools in this regard.

According to the National Health Strategy (2011-2016) all healthcare practitioners working in the country including school physicians must be registered and licensed within a specific timeline, said the circular.

“An extensive study was conducted about the situation of the physicians working at schools for long time with the purpose of registering them to work within the legal frame. 

“Accordingly, the Permanent Licensing Committee (PLC) in its 18th meeting on October 2  approved the registration department’s recommendations for registering this category,” it added.

To obtain a licence, a school physician, like other physicians should pass the qualifying exam for General Scope Physician and submit his/her credentials for verification through Data Flow, SCH’s online verification system. 

They have to fulfil all other registration and licensing requirements.

It is the responsibility of the schools to make sure that physicians working with them are properly registered and licensed and any violation of this rule will invite legal action, warned the circular.

The school physician has no right to change place of work to any health facility but schools and should submit a written undertaking regarding that to the registration department.

The circular has also defined the scope of practice of school physicians, serving the school clinic or area clinic and provide medical care to students and school staff. They are authorised to give a maximum of one day sick leave to students and staff.

Their responsibilities include: 

- Prepare a list of the medications and equipment available in the clinic, maintain it and replace the deficiencies as needed.

- Provide First Aid Services and medication in case of minor injuries and health problems.

- Provide Basic Life Support measures when needed.

- Refer cases to the nearest health centre as required; Triage and differentiate critical cases and refer them to the nearest emergency centre after providing the required fist aid 

- Follow up of students and employees with chronic diseases and communicate with the health centre and / or hospital regarding their discharge, treatment and medication plan. 

- Arrange for and conduct health education sessions for students and employees according to their needs.

- Provide consultations in public and preventive health issues such as nutrition , hygiene and healthy habits.

- Coordinate with the preventive health section for providing vaccines required for the students and staff.

- Keep a record of the school’s clients.

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