Plan to house all courts in one complex

December 15, 2013 - 6:04:00 am
DOHA: The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) is working on a project to set up a “court complex” in the city that would bring all the courts together at a place, a senior SJC official has disclosed.

Currently, the courts in the country lie scattered in different locations across Doha such as Al Sadd, Muntazah and New Doha.

SJC chairman Massoud Mohamed Al-Ameri told the Qatar News Agency that the proposed court complex will be built in the heart of Doha and design for the project is currently getting ready.

The project once implemented will provide easier and better access to court services to the public as well as the legal community, he added. Reacting to the announcement, a prominent lawyer, Mohammed Fadlallah, said it is a welcome step the legal community in Qatar was eagerly looking forward to.

“Currently we are forced to run from one place to another in the busy city traffic. Bringing all the courts at one place will help save time and effort for lawyers as well as for the public,” said Fadlallah, adding that Dubai has successfully introduced such a system.

“The court complex is a very nice idea. It should be supported with ample parking space, eateries, ATM machines, banks and other necessary services,” he added. Highlighting Qatar’s achievements in the judicial sector on the occasion of National Day, 

Al Ameri said that during the year nearly 80 percent of the court cases were settled, which shows an improvement from the past. The SJC will issue the annual statistical statement for 2013 early next year, he added.

He said there are plans to organise training courses for judges in Doha and in a number of specialised judicial institutes abroad to help them get acquainted with the experiences of different jurisdictions and legal and judicial issues. A total of 202 employees were enrolled in specialised administrative training courses in Doha and abroad during the current year. He said courts are showing great interest in attracting young Qatari graduates to various jobs. Twenty-two Qataris were recruited this year to different administrative jobs.

The new website of the courts, launched this year, contains information about the services of courts, and online services and guidelines for the public to facilitate follow-up of cases. 

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