Mercury could dip below 10 degrees

December 14, 2013 - 5:00:03 am

DOHA: The Weather Bureau issued a fresh warning yesterday about a cold spell from tomorrow when temperatures in some remote areas of the country could dip below 10 degrees Celsius.

These areas are, however, be remote, uninhabited stretches, weather forecasters said in a press statement.

In Doha city and other towns, night temperatures could drop to 10 degrees C at times during the week-long spell. 

Forecasts suggest the temperature during the chilly spell could range between 10 and 20 degrees C in most places.

An idea about what a substantial drop in mercury during the cold spell would mean can be had from the fact that the maximum temperature forecast for today is 29 degrees C at several places, including Doha, Al Wakra, Mesaieed and Abu Samra.

The minimum forecast is 21 degrees C for Doha, and 20 degrees C for Al Wakra and Messaid, while the night could be a little cooler in Dukhan and Abu Samra with the minimum temperature forecast being 17 degrees C.

Ruwais will be the coldest place during the day today with the maximum temperature forecast being 23 degrees C.

Abu Samra is to witness the largest variation in temperatures as the minimum and maximum forecast for today are 17 and 29 degrees C, respectively.

Brace for the first cold spell of this season from tomorrow, the weather bureau reiterated in its warning. 

The spell will be caused by an extension of high pressure over the Arabian Peninsula.

This will be associated with cold air mass in the upper air levels over the country. 

Temperatures could fall to between 20 and 10 degrees C, the warning said.

The weather will be partly cloudy with chances of scattered rain on Monday and Tuesday.

The weather will be windy with wind speed ranging from 20 to 30 knots. Offshore the speed could reach 35 knots.

The sea will be rough with waves of six to eight feet and at times going up to 10 feet in the north.

A highlight of the cold spell will be northwesterly wind that will bring chill from the freezing areas of Europe.

The bureau said it would issue warnings of wind and high seas from tomorrow until Wednesday. 

The cold spell is likely to last the whole week. Sea-goers would better take precaution, said the bureau.

About today, the bureau said the morning could be foggy with low visibility and there could be dust in the air in some places.

The wind direction will be southeasterly to southwesterly during the day but as the evening approaches the weather could be a bit chilly as the wind direction might change to northwesterly.

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