1,472 GCC citizens covered by Qatar social security network

 13 Dec 2013 - 6:21

DOHA: Qatar has a few of its citizens working in neighbouring GCC states, while Kuwait has the largest number of other GCC nationals covered within its social security network.
Qatar, according to figures released by the GCC Secretariat-General for 2012, has 1,472 GCC citizens covered within its social security net which is one of the best in the region.
But it has only about 60 of its nationals working in other GCC states, statistics show. Kuwait has 3,782 GCC nationals covered by its social security system. 
The UAE ranks second after Kuwait with 3,706 GCC nationals protected within its social security system. Qatar is at number three.
Bahrain has about 180, Oman (42) and Saudi Arabia, the largest GCC economy, has 19 other GCC nationals covered under their social security systems.
However, when it comes to beneficiaries, Saudis top the list. Some 2,463 workers are covered by social security networks of other GCC states, accounting for more than a third of the total.
Omanis rank second with their share in the total number of GCC citizens (covered by countries in their social security systems) being 30.3 percent. Their number was 2,182 in 2012.
Bahrain ranked third with 1,493 nationals — its share in the total being a little more than 20 percent. Kuwait’s share in the total was 12.7 percent. The UAE’s share in the total (which works out to slightly more than 9,000) was 1.3 percent while that of Qatar was merely 0.7 percent. The Peninsula