Shortage of warehouses to be tackled

December 13, 2013 - 6:15:12 am
DOHA: The government has now turned its attention to tackling the shortage of warehousing facilities in an effective way.

It plans to build a large number of warehouses across the country so they could be rented out to businesses and development projects in need.

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce is busy conducting a study to assess present and future requirements of warehousing facilities. It is being carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

Businesses have long been complaining of shortages, particularly of affordable warehouses. Their rents have been soaring as a result of acute short supply.

As building activity is picking up in preparation for the 2022 FIFA event, the demand for warehouses is increasing.

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce said in a statement yesterday it was planning to invite tenders to build warehouses.

They are to be made available at “low rent” particularly to small and medium projects, the ministry said, according to Qatar News Agency. 

It also said a committee was being set up to monitor supplies and pricing of building materials.

The aim is to issue timely alerts to companies involved in development projects. The panel will have online links to air, sea and land customs authorities.

In a veiled warning, particularly to automobile dealers, the ministry said it would soon conduct a study to check if suppliers were taking undue advantages and abusing their dominant role in the local retail market.

The scope of the study will be extended to cover after-sales services market. Databases will be set up for poultry and dairy markets, including their sales, imports and exports.

The ministry also hinted that amendments were being made to laws that regulate dealerships of foreign goods and services, commercial registration and licensing and street vendors’ licences.

“The ministry has submitted draft laws and regulations (to the above effect) to authorities concerned,” it said. A regulatory framework seems to be ready for the after-sales service in the automotive market, the ministry has hinted. Soon consumers will be able to lodge complaints online (including in respect of automotive after-sales services) with the Consumer Protection Department. The Peninsula
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