QTA launches Qatar Events Diary website

December 10, 2013 - 4:57:21 am

Rashed Al Qurese, Director of Marketing and Promotions at QTA, addressing a press conference yesterday.

DOHA: Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) yesterday launched Qatar Events Diary ‘OnQatar’, an online platform set to be the most comprehensive source of information for all events and activities in Qatar. 

The bilingual and user-friendly website, along with its interactive smart phone application, will provide users with up-to-date information of all events in the country.

The website, www.onqatar.qa is available from today. The application is also available for free download.

“The launch of ‘OnQatar’ is part of measures QTA has adopted to enhance Qatar’s position as a preferred tourism destination in the region. Citizens, residents and tourists will be kept up-to-date with the full programme of activities and events in Qatar,” Rashed Al Qurese, Director of Marketing and Promotions at QTA, told a press conference yesterday.

He said, “OnQatar aimed at providing a real and effective platform enabling the public to know current and future events which will make it easier for them to participate and facilitate the promotion of these activities locally, regionally and internationally.

OnQatar also allows organisers to add events and activities, making it an up-to-date and comprehensive source of information about events.

The website contributes to the development of the state’s tourism agenda and will keep the public constantly informed. 

Events are listed under nine categories — art and culture, business, education, entertainment, fashion, food, healthcare, charity and religion and sports.

QTA also launched OnQatar mobile application that shows all updates to the main website and allows easy access to the events calendar through smartphones. 

The bilingual Arabic-English application is available to download on all IOS- and Android-enabled mobile devices.

The application provides information about activities and events lined up for a month or year, including how people can take part in them, make bookings and buy tickets. It also provides detailed maps to help locate event venues. The updated information on the website will also be available on social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“Our full commitment to our mission to promote tourism in Qatar always drives us to provide creative solutions and services to advance the tourism sector as a key enabler of the national economy. 

“With efforts and contributions of our partners in Qatar, we are sure we will be able to achieve our objectives in a record time,” he added. The Peninsula

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