40pc marriages among Qataris end in divorce

December 09, 2013 - 6:02:39 am
DOHA: The rate of divorce in the Qatari community is high, but figures suggest expatriates aren’t too far behind in this respect.

Statistics for 2011 reflect that for every 100 marriages that took place in the country in the year, there were 40 divorces.

Among the expatriate communities the ratio of divorce in the year was 25. In other words, for every 100 expatriate couples tying the knot in Qatar, 25 broken marriages were recorded.

Releasing the figures, the Supreme Council of Family Affairs said the Family Counselling Centre (FCC) had begun pre-marriage counselling to help fight the high divorce rate. And nearly three-fourths (64.9 percent) of those attending the counselling programmes were women, figures for the years 2009-12 show. However, the FCC’s success rate in resolving martial disputes has been increasing over the years. 

In 2012, for example, the Family Court referred some 4,038 cases of marital discord to the FCC, many of which were settled amicably. 

At least 2,438 cases involved Qataris and 2.8 percent of them ended in divorce, with more than a fourth (27.6 percent) settled by the FCC. The rate of settlement was slightly higher (29.1 percent) in the cases of marital disputes involving non-Qataris.

The Family Court refers most martial discords and divorce pleas to FCC to explore the possibility of patch-up between estranged couples.

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