QF unit unveils results of QNRF-funded research

December 06, 2013 - 5:15:48 am
 Participants at the QF R&D Research Outcome Seminar at Tornado Tower in Doha on Wednesday. Left: The Deputy Executive Director of QNRF, Dr Abdulnasser Al Ansari, at the seminar. Kammutty VP
DOHA: Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D) on Wednesday unveiled some research findings funded by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). 

Outcome of four research projects in the field of energy and environment were announced at an inaugural seminar designed to disseminate the findings of funded research. 

This seminar series, titled the Research Outcome Seminars (ROS), is administered by QNRF, a constituent of QF R&D and presented to academics and representatives from the industry. 

“This is the first time we are announcing about research outcome of studies funded by the Qatar National research Fund in public,” Dr Abdulnasser Al Ansari, Deputy Executive Director, QNRF told The Peninsula on sidelines of the seminar.  

Development of novel gas to liquid technology in near critical and supercritical phase media by Dr Nimir Elbashir, associate professor, Texas A&M University –Qatar, measurement of densities and phase envelops for Qatari type natural gas mixtures and development of a rational equation of state to describe Doha by Dr Mert Atilhan, associate professor, Qatar University, aviation studies with cobalt catalysts for gas to liquid conversion by Dr Dragomir Bukur, Professor, Texas A &M University-Qatar and phase transfer activation of catalysts for Olefin metathesis and polymerisation by Dr Robert Tuba, Assistant Research scientist, Texas A & M University Qatar were presented at the seminar. 

“Now we have a good number of completed projects that we started funding three to four years ago. We go through our database of completed projects; we have some criteria like its benefits, the output for Qatar, the merit in the output, and we select the best three or four and contact the research and call researches for the  seminar. We also call stakeholders from the same field,” said Dr Al Ansari.   

“At the end of the day we make a link between the researcher and the community, we create awareness on the output of research that could be used,” he added. 

Dr Al Ansari also explained that it’s not practical to implement all research findings. 

“We invest money in research not necessarily to be implemented.  Of course we will be happy if every research is applied and be useful, but let’s be realistic — research can be basic where you exploit theory,” he said. 

The series of seminars will feature quarterly presentations by scientists from QF R&D’s research institutes as well as external research funded by QNRF. 

The seminar topics will focus on the four pillars of the Qatar National Research Strategy — energy and environment, computing and information technology, health, and social sciences and arts and humanities.

The Executive Director of QNRF, Dr Abdul Sattar Al Taie, said the seminars represent a commitment to share the findings of advanced research conducted in Qatar with both the public and the international scientific community. 

“Our goal is to deliver new technologies that will support Qatar National Vision 2030 and help create a sustainable post-hydrocarbon society,” he added. 

The seminars are designed specifically for the public to share questions and ideas with the researchers. 

In addition to the direct benefit of the research to Qatar, one criteria for presentations at the seminars (ROS) is the project’s potential for commercialisation.

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