No new MERS cases in camels, humans

December 06, 2013 - 3:46:40 am

DOHA: The Minister of Environment H E Ahmed Amer Mohamed Al Humaidi yesterday reassured that no new MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) cases had been detected in camels or humans in Qatar, after the announcement of three cases in camels in a farm in Al Shahania.

After the opening of Al Mazrouah yard yesterday, he told reporters that there was full cooperation and coordination between the ministry and the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) as far as tests, necessary surveys and precautionary measures were concerned.

On November 29, authorities had revealed that MERS was detected in three camels in a farm with links to two human cases. World Health Organisation (WHO) followed up with its own statement on November 29, the Qatar News Agency reported yesterday. WHO said the infections were found during investigation of two human cases in Qatar in October. One involved a man, 61, who owns a farm and had significant contact with camels, sheep, and hens. The other case involved a man, 23, who worked in the other patient’s barn. Both had recovered, SCH had said. The ministry and SCH have started conducting tests among camels and other livestock as well as people who come in contact with animals to prevent the spread of the virus.    The Peninsula

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