Met forecasts foggy morning, low visibility

December 05, 2013 - 3:09:48 am

DOHA: It will be foggy early this morning with low visibility at places, the Meteorology Department said in its forecast yesterday.

Visibility could be as low as one kilometre at places but the mist would clear as the day breaks. 

Al Khor will be the coolest place in the country with the minimum temperature forecast at 15 degrees Celsius.

The day temperatures is expected to be 24 degrees C. Elsewhere in the country, day and night temperatures would vary between 18 and 27 degrees C, except in Dukhan and Abu Samra where the minimum temperature forecast is 15 degrees C. The day here would be hotter 

(27 degrees C).

In Doha, temperatures would range between 19 and 27 degrees C, the forecast said. The day could be partly cloudy to cloudy.

The Peninsula

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