Youth Got Talent 2013 semi-finals to be held at Virgin Megastore in Villaggio Mall

December 04, 2013 - 4:55:30 am

DOHA: The semi-finals for the Youth Got Talent 2013 (YGT) will be held on Friday and Saturday evening at Virgin Megastore in Villaggio Mall, The Youth Company (TYC) announced yesterday.

YGT has been a trademark event of the Run The World Festival (RTWF) 2013 since its start in 2011, and each year it has featured hundreds of young contestants that showcase their talents in singing, playing instruments and dances.

During the semi-finals the selected participants, including a number of solo performing artists, bands, and dance crews, will perform once more before the judges, to be followed by a public voting session.

Online voters will also get engaged in the competition through performers’ videos, which will be uploaded on the event’s YouTube channel and promoted through social media. 

Voting will take place over the coming weeks and finalists will be announced on the onset of RTWF 2013.

Sajid Mammassan, Business Development Director at Spirit Events, and one of the judges at the YGT auditions at Youth Hub Qatar, said: “Following a series of auditions the last weekend, we’ve seen some amazing talents from young artists from around the region, and we’re lucky to have gotten a sneak peak. 

“The young participants who’ve performed at Youth Hub have showed off their outstanding vocals, dance moves, musical talent, and more, and we’re eager to see what they have to show in the next round of YGT!,” he added.

The three-day festival features exciting programmes for youth to get involved in such as RTW Village, a space for live on-stage musical performances by DJs and finalists of YGT, as well as cultural, commercial and community exchange, RTW Street, displaying the colourful street culture, and extreme and team-oriented sports activities on the beach. 

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