Joblessness among nationals up

December 04, 2013 - 4:32:36 am

DOHA: The rate of joblessness among Qataris was much higher than the national average in the third quarter (Q3) of this year.

Official figures reflect that while the national unemployment rate in that quarter was a negligible 0.3 percent, the ratio was six times higher, at 1.8 percent, among locals. 

This is, apparently, the first time the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics has released joblessness figures for the Qatari community.

Qatar’s job market remains heavily dominated by expatriates as of the total workforce of 1.483 million, only 86,000 Qatari were economically active in Q3 this year. 

Women were also grossly under-represented in the local job market, with their ratio being barely 12 percent, or 343,000. 

However, as for Qatari workforce, women comprised a third (34 percent) of it. Of the economically inactive people, half were women, most of them expatriates. 

While 51 percent expatriate women were economically inactive, the percentage was lower at 26.3 among their Qatari counterparts, Al Sharq reported yesterday. 

Average pay in the country was QR10,000 for men and up to QR8,000 for women.

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