Bahrain probe into Hezbollah business links

June 06, 2013 - 2:55:31 am

Doha: Some seven years after Hezbollah and its leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah were celebrated as heroes in the GCC region and the rest of the Arab world for their victory over Israel, the tables seem to be turning against the militant outfit as it intervenes in Syria and goes on a killing spree against Sunni rebels.

Just days after the GCC secretary-general, Abdullatif Al Zayani, condemned Hezbollah for interfering in Syria, Bahrain yesterday ordered a probe into any economic activity in its territory by Hezbollah.

The Bahraini Interior Minister ordered a probe into any economic activity in Bahrain by the Lebanese Shia movement, which the kingdom has branded a “terrorist organisation”, AFP reported.

The news of the Bahraini action has led to a call by an increasing number of GCC citizens on social networking sites to their countries to take similar action against Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah is not only a terrorist organisation like Al Qaeda but an agent of the Iranian regime bent on spreading its agenda in the whole region,” said a commentator on yesterday.

“If Arab leaders want stability in their countries, they must ban Hezbollah’s activities in their territories.” Another commentator writing on the web portal called for a ban on Shias in (Arab and GCC states) so “they abandon their pro-Iran agenda”.

Yet another suggested that if the GCC states boycott Hezbollah, “100s of thousands of Lebanese Shia based in the region would be driven away.

“You want to talk about revolution against the Sunnis, go and do it in your home country,” said still another commentator. “Iran is a cancer,” he declared.

“Hezbollah is sectarian. It is a satanic element and an enemy of Islam,” commented another GCC citizen on One commentator said he fully backed the idea that action should be taken against Hezbollah. “All Arab countries should boycott the militant outfit.” Analysts said it is likely the GCC states that have a large Lebanese expatriate population might mull imposing restrictions on issuing fresh work visas for the people of that country.

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