Al Jazeera Network, NU-Q sign MoU

March 21, 2013 - 3:35:23 am

Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed Al Thani and Everette Dennis during the signing ceremony.

DOHA: Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) and Al Jazeera Network signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer between the two media organisations. 

The agreement, which deepens ties between the two that have worked together since NU-Q’s inception, will allow professionals and budding journalists from both sides to benefit from the combined expertise of the institutions through joint research and strategic studies projects, training workshops, a co-designed lecture series, internships and faculty contributions as well as journalist-exchange programmes.

NU-Q will conduct consultations with Al Jazeera leadership based on its faculty research interests and expertise in the American media industry, as the news network moves forward with it’s plan for Al Jazeera America.

The MoU was signed by Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohamed Al Thani, Director General of Al Jazeera Network, and  Everette Dennis, Dean and CEO of NU-Q, recently.   “Al Jazeera Network places the development of its team’s skills at the top of its priorities, to stay par with the great media-related feats Qatar has accomplished regionally and internationally,” said Al Thani.

Al Jazeera Network “has one of the world’s largest cadre of news professionals,” said Dennis. “That makes Al Jazeera a place of great interest for anyone who strives to understand the world’s media and for Northwestern students and alumni who will go on to work in the media industry.

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