GCC training in fight against drugs

March 04, 2013 - 3:28:23 am

Doha: A specialised course on development of leadership and strategic planning skills in the field of combating drugs started yesterday at GCC Criminal Information Centre on Combating Drugs (GCC-CICCD). The course will continue until Wednesday.

The Director of the centre, Colonel Saqr Rashid Al Miraikhi, said that 26 trainees working in top positions in drugs control in GCC states are participating in the course. 

He added that the course is focusing on two themes. The first is developing leadership and strategic planning skills in the fight against drugs. 

Professor Dr Jalal Al Naimi, Consultant of Strategic Management and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior, the UAE, will deliver a lecture on the subject. 

He will deal with a strategic plan by identifying the vision, mission, goals and focus on advanced scientific methods in its development and following up different implementation stages and applying it on the fight against drugs.

The second theme deals with the causes of innocence and guilt in drug crimes. 

A lecture will be given by Lieutenant Colonel Dr Mubarak Abdullah bin Hawail Marri, Director of Drug Enforcement Administration in Bahrain, and board member of the centre. 

He said that this makes an important part in preparation for the fight against drugs to ensure no criminal escapes punishment, especially, since many drug cases in some Arab countries conclude with acquittals as a result of errors in procedures or negligence of technical aspects that govern criminals, including drug dealers, traffickers and distributors.

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