Over 94,000 labourers recruited last year

March 04, 2013 - 2:11:53 am

DOHA: More than 94,000 labourers were recruited from oversees last year for the ongoing development projects in the country, according to latest statistics.

The Recruitment Department at the Ministry of Labour received 31,866 fresh requests for work visas in 2012, an Arabic daily reported yesterday.  

Out of a total 27,783 applications, some 71.5 percent were approved and 18.7 percent of them (5,949 applications) were rejected. 

The remaining 3,134 requests for visas, which form some 9.8 percent of the total applications, are yet to be finalised.

Some 10,215 requests were also made by women under the sponsorship of their relatives for work permits which also included 4,287 applications for the issuance of fresh work permits. More than 90 percent of these requests were approved. 

More than 300,000 work visas for labourers were turned down by the Ministry. In the semi-skilled and unskilled category, as many as 94,043 labourers were recruited last year, which included drivers (20,808), cleaners (18,602) and technicians (17,578).

Other workers who came here last year were carpenters (14,618), brick makers (12,284), foremen (10,273), engineers (9,956), salesmen (9,659) and painters (9,324). 

Some 9,296 plumbers, 8,173 steel fixers, 8,037 blacksmiths, 7,759 construction workers, 7,373 waiters, 6,981 general electricians, 9,792 heavy vehicles drivers, 6,673 accountants and 6,607 workers for plasters were also recruited.


At least, 77,950 applications have been submitted to the department for the renewal of residential permits out of which 191,628 residential permits of the labourers were renewed last year.

Some 62,372 requests were made to change the approval for the visas of labourers and 79,591 applications called on to extend the validity of visas.

At least, 5,262 applications were submitted for the renewal of the work permits, of which only 85 applications were rejected.

At least, 240 citizens from other GCC countries applied for appointments of which 233 requests have been approved and only seven applications were turned down. Some 3,612 people applied to change their professions, 3,343 requests have been approved and remaining 269 applications have been rejected. The Peninsula