Qatar helps free Swiss hostage

February 28, 2013 - 2:27:41 am

Assistant Foreign Minister H E Ali bin Fahad Al Hajiri and the Swiss Ambassador Martin Aeschbacher receiving Sylvia Abrahat this morning. (Kammutty VP)

By Isabel Ovalle

DOHA: Swiss teacher Sylvia Abrahat, who was kidnapped in Yemen almost a year ago, arrived in Doha today at about 1am. 

The Swiss teacher was freed thanks to Qatar’s mediation and her plans were not disclosed for the moment.

Visibly tired, but relaxed, the teacher landed at Doha International Airport where she was welcomed by the Assistant Foreign Minister 

H E Ali bin Fahad Al Hajiri, and the Swiss Ambassador Martin Aeschbacher.

The Swiss citizen was received by numerous members of the media upon her arrival but did not make any comments. 

On his part, the Swiss Ambassador said that “we are very happy that Ms Sylvia has been released and thank everyone who helped in her happy release.”

“We thank specially the Qatari authorities and personally 

H H the Emir and the Heir Apparent,” he added, while highlighting that her plans can’t be disclosed for the moment.

The Assistant Foreign Minister said: “We welcome her after her release and thank our team who had worked for a few months to reach this happy ending.” 

He also thanked the Government of Yemen that “gave us the chance for her to leave so fast because this is a humanitarian issue,” he concluded.

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