Mixed reactions to Ooredoo

 26 Feb 2013 - 4:52


The illuminated Ooredoo headquarters in West Bay last night.  Salim Matramkot

By Azmat Haroon

Doha: The new name of Qtel- Ooredoo- has evoked mixed reactions from the public. While some people were appreciative of the name change, others expressed surprise and disappointment.

Many were also concerned about the spelling of the new brand name, which they say create confusion about its correct Arabic pronunciation.

Many people expressed their views about rebranding on social networking sites last evening. 

‘Ooredoo’ — which translates as ‘I want’ in Arabic, should have been spelled as ‘Ooreedoo’, they said.

One commentator on an Arabic social networking site said he did not understand the importance of changing the brand name.

“Why did they have to go through such a major and expensive change, creating problems for everyone?” the commentator asked.

Some others speculated that Qtel will lose its Qatari identity by dropping the ‘Q’ from its name, adding that Ooredoo does not capture the essence of Qatari culture.

“Ooredoo is disappointingly unoriginal and lacking the local feel which was their trump card in the past,” read one comment.

“The intention is global, the aim is perfect. However, it could have been better,” said another.

The Qtel Tower in the West Bay area was also lit up in red yesterday after the announcement.

Others among the expatriate communities found similarities between the name and their local languages.  

“Thankyou Qtel for making me proud, rebranding it as Pakistans’ national Language Urdu, pretty much the same,” said another.

Meanwhile, a few drew parallels between Ooredoo and Telugu, which is a South Indian language.

A few others have also said that they will continue to call the company ‘Qtel’.

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