Call for street lights in Old Airport area

February 24, 2013 - 3:59:35 am

A cyclist trying to cross a dark road in the Old Airport area. (Kammutty VP)

By Fazeena Saleem 

DOHA: Dysfunctional street lights at many places in Old Airport area along with open trenches dug up for replacing old sewage pipes, are creating inconvenience for residents and motorists, especially during the nights. 

Either there are no poles for streetlights or if there are poles, street lights are not functioning at some connecting roads of the Old Airport area. 

The road parallel to the D Ring road and Old Airport Commercial Street is under darkness during nights. It gets some light only when vehicles pass by or from nearby houses and buildings.  

There are a number of open trenches on these roads which are sometimes not seen due to non-functional street lights.  Residents in the area experience difficulties due to road diversions and darkness. 

“We have been living here for more than three years. There are no street lights. We have to walk in the dark to get into the car or to throw garbage,” said a mother of three children. 

“There is a risk of falling down or knocking against something, especially children,” she added. 

People who walk along the streets too face difficulties because of the darkness. 

“We see the road only when a vehicle passes by or with the  lights from nearby buildings,” said a pedestrian.  

However, street lights would be fixed by June and work to replace sewage pipes will be completed soon, said Sheikha Al Jufairi, CMC member representing the area when contacted by this newspaper. 

“I have discussed this problem with the Ashghal. They informed me that Kahramaa has signed a contract with a specialised company to change old street lights and fix permanent ones by June at different places,” she said. 

“Old Airport area will be given priority because it’s a very important place,” she said.    

The area is home for a large number of businesses and retailers catering to residents of the area. Many roads in the Old Airport area have been dug to replace 30-year-old pipelines. New pipes would be three times bigger than the old ones. 

“It is (Old Airport area) a very vital area and there are also many commercial establishments along with residential units.  Water and sewage pipes in the area are very old, they have to be replaced. These replacements will be completed soon,” said Sheikha Al Jufairi. 

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