Old telephone poles to give a new look to Aspire Park

February 19, 2013 - 3:03:53 am

A wooden building which adds to the traditional look of Aspire Park.

Doha: Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) is set to add a touch of tradition to Aspire Park with new plans to use Qatar’s old wooden telephone poles as recycled material throughout the 2.5sqkm precinct. 

A mainstay of public space in the seventies and eighties, the signature wooden telephone poles were phased out following the introduction of modern communication platforms. 

Aspire Zone has promised to reclaim the wood, and will begin utilising the now discarded material into amenities located throughout Aspire Park and the vast Aspire Zone. The wood will be used in both buildings and facilities, as well as chairs, signs and trash containers.

The initiative will add to the rustic atmosphere that has become a hallmark of the park, drawing hundreds of daily visitors from across the country. As one of the biggest parks in the Gulf region, the rolling grounds feature a sprawling lake, two fountains and a selection of exotic trees, as well as jogging tracks, spiralling walking trails and football pitches. 

Aspire Park caters to the entire community by offering a variety of activities the whole family can enjoy, creating the perfect location for the people of Qatar to relax and unwind. 

“In line with AZF’s vision of instilling the spirit of creativity within members of the Qatari community, we are working to create natural spaces that allow people to recharge and become more inspired and more productive. At AZF, we are mindful of preserving all that is authentic,” said Abdel Aziz Al Mahmoud (pictured), Aspire Logistics Director General. 

The initiative stems from an agreement between AZF and Qtel.

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