Exclusive MoI centre opens for special people

February 17, 2013 - 3:01:52 am

Rabia Mohammed Al Ka’abi and Brigadier Abdula Salim Al Ali opening the new centre.

DOHA: People with disabilities and the elderly can now access several services provided by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) free of charge at a dedicated facility at the headquarters of the Immigration Department in Gharrafa. 

The ‘Service Centre for Elderly People and People with Special Needs,’ was officially opened on Thursday. The centre was inaugurated by Rabia Mohammed Al Ka’abi, Vice-Chairman of Qatar Society for Rehabilitation and Special Needs, and Brigadier Abdula Salim Al Ali, Director General of Immigration Department.

The special categories of people will be able to get new passports, driver’s licences and car registrations renewed at the new facility without any fees. 

They can also avail of several other services such as resident visa renewal, sponsorship transfer, issuance of resident permits and exit permits free of charge.

The services are free not only for Qataris but also for expatriates but they are required to register with an authorised centre for the disabled in Qatar, according to a ministry source.

“Theses services have already been free for the elderly and people with disabilities but many expatriates are not aware of that. The new centre will provide easier access to such services to the targeted groups,” said the source.

Any employee working for a Qatari or non-Qatari with special needs will be given all the immigration services free of charge. 

The elderly person or person with disabilities visiting the centre will be received by an employee and would be assisted until their work is completed. Services provided through the hotline 992 for the deaf through the national call centre too will be coordinated by the centre. 

It will coordinate with different departments of the MoI, to make its services accurate and fast.   

The centre will also employ people with disabilities. 

It will have two separate departments for human resources and health services. Human resources division will help people with disabilities on document work and the health service division will help them to get services such as medical tests. 

The centre will maintain a data base about elderly people and people with disabilities. 

 According to the 7th Gulf Disability Conference held in Doha last year, 254 working-age Qatari people with disabilities are still seeking employment. Around 7,000 people with disabilities including children, adults, Qataris and non-Qataris require major in-patient hospital treatments.  

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