Art of Travel contest winner announced

February 11, 2013 - 4:54:04 am

DOHA: Qatar Museums Authority, Qatar Airways, and the Orientalist Museum have announced the winner of ‘The Art of Travel’ Instagram Contest. Local resident Mohamed Ihab is the recipient of two round-trip flights to any of Qatar Airways 120 plus international destinations. His Instagram photo beat over 6,000 entries and was voted most popular by the public.

Inspired by ‘The Art of Travel’ exhibition at Alriwaq Doha, the competition asked people to upload their best travel pictures and add the #ArtOfTravel hashtag. The entries received from around the world were narrowed down to 68 finalists, and opened to the public for voting.

The winning photo featured a cat looking out at the West Bay skyline from MIA Park. Although it won over the international audience, Mohamed explained that his wife was initially sceptical about the image. 

“She was making fun of me for lying on the grass just to take a photo of a cat that is not even looking towards us. She started to change her mind about the photo once she saw it, and even more after you guys picked it to enter the contest,” said the winner.

Mohamed visited ‘The Art of Travel’ exhibition last week to meet members of the Orientalist Museum and representatives from Qatar Airways. The exhibition is open until today and introduces visitors to the story of Bartholomus Schachman — a Polish mayor who travelled throughout the Ottoman Empire during its peak. 

Over 100 water-colour miniatures painted during his travels take visitors on a journey through 16th century Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, highlighting people, places and customs he encountered.

Curated by Dr Olga Nefedova, Director of the Orientalist Museum, ‘The Art of Travel’ exhibition illustrates the importance of European-Ottoman relations throughout the 16th century. A greatly expanded and reimagined version of the original Polish exhibition, ‘The Art of Travel: Bartholomus Schachman (1559-1614)’, takes visitors on an epic journey back in time.

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