Sokook signs partnership pact with Servair

February 10, 2013 - 2:49:47 am

Officials of Sokook Mega Company and Servair during the launch of Servair Qatar yesterday. (Salim Matramkot)


DOHA: Aiming to tap the growing business opportunities in Qatar’s hospitality industry, Sokook Mega Company (SMC), a Doha-based hospitality management firm, has signed a partnership agreement with France’s airline catering giant, Servair. The joint venture, named as Servair Qatar, will bring Servair’s contemporary catering services to Qatar. 

Servair, a subsidiary of Air France, is the first catering company in Europe and one of the largest in the world. With 56 stopovers spanning five continents and a myriad of destinations, the firm also provides aircraft cabin cleaning and airport services as well as engineering solutions. 

The partnership, which merges SMC’s local and regional expertise with Servair’s intercontinental reach, marks the hospitality organisation’s foray into the catering business on an unprecedented scale with gilt-edged services at the core. 

Sheikh Nasser bin Jassim Al Thani, Chairman of SMC, addressed a gathering of guests, comprising government officials, corporate and individual clients and associates, as well as representatives of the local and international media.  He said: “SMC is proud to bring the distinguished and renowned Servair brand to Qatar, to complement an ever growing national hospitality infrastructure.

“SMC offers hospitality, food, and beverages services in partnership with some of the globe’s most famous names. Its portfolio includes hotels, concept restaurants, health centres, and ancillary services.”  

“Introducing Servair to Qatar brings in a notable name to the state’s thriving investments in this flourishing market.  It will expand Qatar’s ability to satisfy diverse needs in catering, aircraft cabin and airport services as well as engineering and innovative solutions,” Zain Al Shaker, member of the board and Managing Director of SMC said. 

Zain added: “Servair Qatar also complements a number of important developments in the hospitality industry in Qatar and the extensive Doha events’ calendar, crowned with the much-awaited FIFA World Cup in 2022.”

Servair Vice-President, Denis Hasdenteufel, said: “On behalf of Servair, I would like to thank Sheikh Nasser Al Thani and Al Shaker for their trust and outreach.” 

He added:  “I have every faith that our venture will bear fruits to the benefit of both of our companies, as well as maximise both SMC and Qatar’s goals in the hospitality industry. We are particularly happy that Servair Qatar starts its operations at such fortuitous times, and will contribute to the state’s national development strategy which promises to make Qatar a world travel and tourism hub.”

Al Shaker also announced acquisition of sole representative/agent status of German company, Palux. Palux is a renowned brand that hosts state-of-the-art food technology. 

Palux CEO and Chairman, Al Shaker said that SMC has become the exclusive agent of Palux which will host a showroom inside the Kitchen of Servair Qatar.

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