Sidra holds cancer awareness session

 05 Feb 2013 - 3:56

Sidra staff and guests attending a session on cancer and cancer prevention.

DOHA: In support of World Cancer Day, Sidra Medical and Research Center hosted an event to raise awareness and share information among 60 Sidra staff and guests. 

In collaboration with Think Pink Qatar, Sidra held an informative session on cancer and its prevention. The event took place in the auditorium of the Sidra Medical and Research Center Tower. 

Every year an estimated 12.7 million people will learn they have cancer and around 7.6 million  will die from it. Many of these deaths could be avoided through awareness and early detection programmes. 

World Cancer Day is an initiative to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its prevention, detection,and treatment, while giving voice to people, organisations and governments celebrating cancer survivors and remembering those who lost the battle.

Carol Newsom, Sidra RN Clinical Nurse Leader and Think Pink Qatar Founder Karen Al Kharouf addressed the session.

Two cancer survivors spoke to the audience about the realities of cancer and how it affected their families, friends and personal lives. They highlighted the importance of early detection, prevention and staying healthy. 

Newsom informed the audience about myths and taboos around cancer with the hope of breaking down common stereotypes and opening lines of dialogue between individuals suffering from cancer and the broader community. 

She stressed the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and  early detection and prevention of cancer. “According to the World Health Organisation, it is possible to avoid around 30-40 percent of cancer cases with prevention and another 30 percent with early detection and treatment. 

“Some of the easiest changes a person can make consist of making simple lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking, limiting alcohol use, regularly exercising, wearing sunscreen and eating a rich diet filled with vitamins and minerals,” she said. 

Al Kharouf said: “Think Pink Qatar works to ensure that conversations about breast cancer in Qatar happen freely and openly, that individuals suffering from breast cancer get the support they need, an important part of which is having a strong support system. I am happy to see that Sidra employees are embracing this approach with today’s event and the brave survivors who spoke to us today.” 

Sidra aims to empower and educate members of the local community through easily available information and access to experts. Through lectures for the medical community like the Sidra Symposia Series, and community outreach programmes, Sidra aims to create a healthier society. 

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