SCH holds training for healthcare providers

February 04, 2013 - 3:06:46 am

Students taking part in two of the activities organised at the Aspire Dome, yesterday. Qassim Rahmatullah

Doha: The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) organised a training session for healthcare providers on a formalised coding structure for the system as part of plans to launch the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The coding system ICD-10-AM allows the providers to use a uniform code for a range of services provided to patients. In turn, this allows for a coherent structure of fees for the healthcare system.

Participants included representatives from some of the major public and private healthcare providers in Qatar. 

 “This is the second of a series of training sessions on the new coding structure,” explained Husein Reka, SCH Health Insurance Programme Manager. 

 “The coding structure is crucial to the upcoming National Health Insurance framework because it provides a uniform system for labelling and categorising services patients receive.”    QNA