Hammer thrower Ashref to support Sports Day

January 28, 2013 - 2:45:48 am

Ashref Amged Elseify

DOHA: Athletics prodigy Ashref Amged Elseify has joined the National Sport Day Ambassadors, a group of top athletes in Qatar who pledged their support to the upcoming National Sports Day.

Ashref is turning the tables after a brilliant 2012 season full of decorations and records. 

He will be 18 in less than a month (February 20) but he has already registered a world youth best in Hammer Throw with 85.26 with a 5kg implement and a world junior record, 85.57, with 6kg hammer. 

His honour list also includes the World Junior title from the Barcelona World Championships and the Asian Junior gold medal from the Championships held last season in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Ashref may have never become the person he is today if he hadn’t chosen the path of sporting life and hard training. And that’s why he is in Qatar’s National Sport Day ambassadors’ crew.

He was motivated by his father, a former football player, who wanted to raise his children under healthy lifestyle guidelines. 

“I am as punctual as it takes now in training, in school, in everything! I enjoy a healthy life. My nutrition is ideal, I stay away from smoking, I sleep early and I am serious and accurate in practice. I am always trying to give the maximum, not only in training, but in studying as well. My mentality, the way I think has completely changed”.

The world record hunt seems a future prospect for Ashref. At the moment he enjoys the fruits of his junior exploits and he is thrilled by the idea to help people embrace sports, through his National Sport Day Ambassador role. “Young kids should not look for fame when they enter the world of sports. The general benefits of a healthy lifestyle should be their beacon.

“Sports are for everyone, not just for youngsters. Adults must add practicing to their daily schedule in order to build strong defences against illnesses. They will surely enjoy a better life”.

For Ashref, Qatar’s initiative to introduce and celebrate sport activities through the National Sports Day, on February 12, will guide country’s inhabitants to get to know sports, love them and embrace them.

“Many people still do not really know most of the sports and their rules. Having expert perform demonstration in selected locations, Qatar residents will understand what athletics and other sports truly are and they will have the chance to test their skills and knowledge. 

“I found the idea of educating people on different sports in popular places, like Corniche and Aspire Zone, absolutely fantastic. 

“On the other side, this massive celebration, National Sport Day will remind people who have already experience sports activities but for any reason they are not regularly practicing, the fun, joy and the benefits of sporting life”.

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