25 public parks to be ready in two weeks

January 28, 2013 - 2:18:26 am


Doha: There are some 38 new public parks currently under construction in different parts of Qatar, 25 of which will be ready for the public in another two weeks.

The number of parks in Qatar has increased by 90 percent over the last two years. Thirty-nine new parks were built in the country, Muhammad Ali Al Khori, the Director of the Public Parks at the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, said. 

The responsibility of public parks department is to create new parks as well as maintain the existing ones in the country.  

“We work in collaboration with municipalities of different areas, which are also responsible for the management of these public parks,” he said. 

The new parks have play areas for children and fitness equipment for adults. Additionally, 63 types of trees were also introduced in Qatar for the first time through the newly-built public parks.

A new system of security at public parks has also been introduced, the director said. As per the old system, guards were given a room which were used to monitor activity in the parks. With the new system the public parks department is currently working on, guards will have easy access to manage security at the parks.

“Many times people tell us that there are not enough trees in Qatar. They ask us questions about planting more trees and creating more green areas. We welcome any ideas from the public since these parks are meant for them,” Al Khori said.

Last year, the department surveyed some main roads of Doha, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah and Al Khor for planting more trees. However, due to ongoing construction in these areas, the department faced problems.

“We specified some roads for planting more trees but the problem we are facing is the construction on these sites,” Al Khori said.

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