Brotherhood in secret deal with Obama, says Dahi Khalfan

January 27, 2013 - 4:31:50 am

Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan

DOHA: After lying low for a while, controversial Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan has targetted Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood again and accused it of having struck a tacit deal with the Obama administration to ensure Israel’s safety by forcing Hamas and other militant Palestinian factions to have a ceasefire with Tel Aviv.

“The Muslim Brotherhood wants to stick to power (in Egypt) and for that they have struck a secret deal with the Obama administration over Israel’s safety,” said Khalfan on his Twitter account yesterday and the day before.

In his characteristic anti-Brotherhood rhetoric, Khalfan said they were crushing the opposition in Egypt in much the same way as Hosni Mubarak did. There is no difference between them and the toppled regime they have succeeded.

The Brotherhood is facing huge protests not only in Tahrir Square but also across the country. 

“It is obvious that the people of Egypt want a regime change,” the Dubai police boss said talking of anti-government demonstrations going on in the country on the anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. 

They have crushed the Egyptian judiciary in such a way that it’s fear among people has vanished. 

“They, as an organisation, are putting themselves in trouble,” he said of the Brotherhood.

Khalfan said on his Twitter account on January 22 that the Brotherhood had announced that it was disbanding its organisation in Qatar. 

“It’s a lie. They had reorganized themselves secretly (in Qatar) in 2007.”

Khalfan hinted that it was Israel that was propping up the Bashar Al Assad regime in Syria since it allowed it to continue with its occupation of the Golan Heights.The Peninsula