Falcon prices keep soaring, touch QR1mFalcon prices keep soaring, touch QR1m

January 23, 2013 - 2:46:54 am

DOHA: The prices of falcons have been soaring in the local market to an extent that a species of the bird is available for a whopping QR1m.

The price range of falcons in the local market is between QR100,000 and QR400,000.

The craze and demand for falcons among the locals has increased after a month-long falconry festival opened in the Sealine area recently.

The demand for a species of falcon known as Hur in the local language is so high that each bird costs around a million riyals.

Qatari citizens mostly prefer the Hur falcon due to its power and capability to hunt. Moreover, it is also a favourite of pet lovers and of those who have falcon breeding hobbies, said a salesman at a bird shop at Souq Waqif.

Falcons become expensive in this season when several falconry contests are held. The falcons have been in high demand for the past three years, said the salesman.The Peninsula