Man jailed for drunken revelry aboard Qatar Airways flight

January 16, 2013 - 4:22:23 am

DOHA: A criminal court has sentenced a man to a year in jail and fined him QR1,000 ($274) for creating nuisance after drinking aboard a Qatar Airways flight that was bound for Doha.

The man, who was in his mid-30s, was hugely drunk and misbehaved with air hostesses. According to details of the case, he first began talking to a hostess and suddenly kissed her on the lips.

The hostess ignored the behaviour of the passenger thinking that he was drunk. He then proceeded to the washroom and leaving the door open got undressed and then came out nude giggling, shocking the passengers seated in the economy class, including women and children, no end.

He then slapped another hostess nearby on her back. At this stage both the hostesses became furious and reported the matter to the captain. The captain in turn informed the authorities at the Doha International Airport that a passenger who was drunk on-board was creating nuisance.

The crew present on-board somehow managed to pin him down and make him sit still until the plane landed. Security personnel were waiting for the passenger when the plane landed. He was taken into custody, questioned by the police later and charges were filed against him for sexually assaulting hostesses and drinking even though he was a Muslim. The court gave its verdict in the case recently.

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