QU signs MoU for CO2 project

January 13, 2013 - 4:39:20 am

Officials of Qatar University and Oryx GTL sign the memorandum of understanding.

DOHA: Qatar University (QU) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oryx GTL for a research project with the university’s Gas Processing Centre (GPC) in the area of CO2 management. 

The agreement’s main objective is to provide assistance to the GPC in developing its research portfolio and in graduating qualified Qatari nationals to contribute their knowledge and skills to this sector.  

Under the agreement, Oryx GTL will fund and provide expertise to support the  Centre’s CO2 capture research project entitled “Process Development for CO2 Capture: Bench Scale Tests of Selected Chemical Solvents” which will evaluate the performance of different chemical solvents in capturing CO2 from the flue gas of a simulated natural gas-fired power plant.

Qatar University, through the GPC, will provide laboratory space, equipment and manpower for the project duration.  There will be exchange of information and joint monitoring of the programme between the two parties as well as joint activities such as workshops and conferences, supporting students’ projects, summer training supervision, among others. 

College of Engineering (CENG) Acting Dean Dr Rashid Al Ammari said:  “Today we have another example of the shared vision of collaboration between academia and industry towards a common vision.  We look forward to continuing our long relationship with Oryx GTL especially on this research project which studies an area of great importance not only to the GPC but to Qatar and the rest of the world in dealing with CO2 mitigation”. 

“A key objective of this agreement is to assist the Gas Processing Center in developing its research portfolio, which we believe is vital for the future of Qatar’s gas industry and its role in the National Vision 2030.  Oryx GTL is committed to supporting academic work in Qatar to help overcome these challenges to the sustainable development of our natural resources, and we look forward to the findings of this research project,” said Oryx GTL Chief Operating Officer Etienne Rademeyer.

“It is an invaluable opportunity for us to collaborate with Oryx GTL on this research that will be of great benefit to Qatar and will provide our students with knowledge and skills to meet Qatar’s needs for professionals in this field,” said GPC Director Prof Abdelwahab Aroussi.

Oryx GTL Technical Manager Marcel Krause noted that “Oryx GTL was brought into existence to pioneer novel technology — it is in our blood.  We were the first world scale GTL plant and we led Qatar into the future as the world’s GTL capital. With QU and GPC, we are proud to once again go back to our roots and take a pioneering role, this time in the development of cutting-edge fundamental scientific knowledge”.  

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