Windy day forecast; mercury to dip today

January 11, 2013 - 2:46:56 am

A group of people sipping tea in the cold weather outside a house in Old Airport area in Doha last evening. The weather started to become windy, hazy, and dusty as forecasters have warned of a significant fall in temperature beginning from today.Qassim Rahmatullah

DOHA: Qatar is expected to experience windy and variable weather today, with a dust cover in most parts of the country throughout the day, according to a forecast by the Meteorology Department. 

The forecasters also expect it to be cloudy, and the wind will make the sea moderately rough during the day.  The weather started to become windy, hazy and dusty last evening, and the forecasters warned of a significant fall in temperature beginning today. 

The minimum temperature was 16 degrees Celsius, the cold weather being attributed mainly to strong northwesterly winds that started blowing last evening, with dust leading to poor visibility. 

“Wind and dust suddenly started in the afternoon, and by evening it was difficult to drive. Visibility was very low,” said a resident who drove home after work yesterday. People who had gathered at public places in the evening before the weekend were seen shielding themselves against the wind, dust and the cold. 

The Meteorology Department has warned of strong winds, high seas and poor visibility today. It forecast blowing dust with some clouds. 

The wind will blow northwesterly at speeds ranging from 20/30 knots to 40 knots, causing the maximum temperature to fall to 20 to 16 degrees Celsius in Doha, while the lowest is forecast at 19 to 15 degrees Celsius in Abu Samra. THE PENINSULA