CMC urges survey of old buildings

January 10, 2013 - 3:25:27 am

DOHA: The Central Municipal Council (CMC), has urged the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning to conduct a survey of old and dilapidated buildings across the country, suggesting that many of them are located in prime localities, and some of them are feared to be housing runaway workers and criminals.

The CMC has told the ministry that the owners of these buildings be contacted and if they are not keen to redevelop their properties, the government could buy them out and either redevelop them or use space for greenery or parks.

CMC Chairman Saud Al Hanzab (pictured) told The Peninsula after the regular CMC meet yesterday that most such buildings are located in places like Najma, Madinat Khalifa, Old Ghanem and Al Murra.

He said that from safety viewpoint also it is important to have a database of such buildings and check their status and take steps to either redevelop them or demolish them to make prudent use of space for public purpose.

Such buildings pose severe hazards too since they are old and dilapidated and can cave in any moment, threatening lives.

He said that many such buildings do not have power and water supplies yet people are living there has and taking supplies from neighbourhoods in violation of laws.

The Peninsula