Mercury to plunge in Qatar next week

January 10, 2013 - 1:52:19 am

DOHA: Temperature could dip to less than 10 degrees Celsius next week as the country is expected to come under a severe cold spell over the next few days, according to the Meteorology Department.

“We are expecting a significant fall in temperature beginning Friday, probably dipping to less than 10 degrees Celsius in the following days,” a forecaster at the Department said last evening.

The sudden change in weather conditions has been attributed to strong northwesterly winds that would lash the country beginning this afternoon. 

A statement issued by the Department yesterday warned of strong wind, poor visibility and high sea.

“Beginning Thursday afternoon, the country is expected to come under the impact of strong northwesterly winds, associated with dust and a fall in temperature during the coming days,” said the statement.

The wind will blow at speeds ranging from 20/30 knots to 40 knots causing the temperature to fall to 18 to 20 degrees at the maximum and less than 10 degrees at the minimum in some areas, it added.

The department has also forecast scattered rains in the northern parts of the country today. 

Temperature could be slightly higher today compared to yesterday, but expected to fall from tomorrow. 

It would hover between 19 to 27 degrees Celsius today, probably dipping to 18/20 degrees on Friday. A further fall is expected on the following days.

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