Housemaid gets a year in jail for theft

 07 Jan 2013 - 2:27


DOHA: In an incident that exposes the risk of hiring domestic helps for temporary jobs, a criminal court has sentenced a housemaid to one year in jail for stealing gold jewellery from the house of an expatriate in which she was working as a cleaner. 

The maid committed the crime with the help of four Asians. 

The court has slapped a fine of QR1,000 each on the four Asians for helping the housemaid in selling the jewellery and ordered the housemaid to be deported after serving the jail term, Al Sharq reported yesterday.

The expatriate hired the housemaid, who was to be paid on an hourly basis, with the help of a security guard of his residential compound. She worked for only four days at his house and the last day she finished work by 3:30pm and left for her accommodation.

A few days later, the wife of the expatriate found that her jewellery from a wardrobe in the bedroom was missing. They tried to call the housemaid but found that her mobile phone was switched off. A complaint was lodged with the police accusing the maid of stealing jewellery worth QR19,000.

During police investigation, the maid confessed to the crime and admitted to selling the jewellery to a shop for QR4,500, with the help of two Asians staying in her apartment complex. 

The fourth convict was the husband of the housemaid who was fined for not informing the police about the theft despite having knowledge of the incident.

The fifth and last convict was the jewellery shop owner who was fined for purchasing the gold without permission from the police that is necessary for selling jewellery.

The shop owner tried to justify his act saying he bought the jewellery after the housemaid pleaded with him and said that she urgently needed money.

The housemaid confessed to stealing the jewellery and said that she committed the crime because she was not paid a month’s salary by the expatriate who hired her. The Peninsula