eL Seed to paint Salwa tunnels with calligraffiti

January 05, 2013 - 2:57:41 am

eL Seed (right) inspecting the site of the project on Salwa Road.

DOHA: Famous French-Tunisian graffiti artist eL Seed is in Doha for a four-month ‘calligraffiti’ murals project in which he will embellish four tunnels on Salwa Road.

Qatar Museums Authority’s Public Art Department and the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) have commissioned eL Seed for the art venture as part of big Salwa Road project, which is a significant upgrade to the existing road that will have four lanes in each direction with continuous service roads. 

Each of the four tunnels will be painted with specific and unique themes inspired by anecdotes from Qatari culture and markers of Qatari life.

“Arabic graffiti is getting its time in the spotlight now-a-days and I believe that this kind of street art deserves coverage and attention. I’m honoured to be working with Qatar Museums Authority and Ashghal and delighted that my work will be at the heart of such a vital infrastructure facility in Doha. This project is going to be one of the most innovative projects I’ve worked on,” said eL Seed.

Born to Tunisian parents, eL Seed grew up in France and started spray painting in late 90s. Moving to North America, his interest in Arabic calligraphy and contemporary street art collided and fused together. His “calligraffiti” murals express and reflect a search for identity that resonates with many young people growing up with a spectrum of cultural influences. Taking inspiration from the past to encourage hope for the future, his work has been displayed on the streets, galleries and museums around the world and featured in many international publications.

In 2010, he came to Doha for a series of workshops with students at the Museum of Islamic Art.

For updates on the project visit http://www.elseedindoha.com/ or QMA social media pages. 

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