Teacher forces student to go barefoot due to colour of shoes

January 03, 2013 - 1:47:51 am

DOHA: A girl student of an Independent Primary School was forced by her teacher to take off her shoes and go barefoot the whole day because the colour of the shoes did not match her uniform.

The next day, the girl was made to stand for three periods in a row as punishment for the same ‘mistake’ — not wearing matching shoes.

On the first day, the girl had to walk barefoot in the school campus, which left her embarrassed, Al Sharq reported yesterday, quoting the student’s mother.

She has urged the education sector regulator, the Supreme Education Council, to investigate the matter and take action against the school’s management.

“My daughter went to school as usual, wearing brown shoes that matched the uniform, but she was surprised when the teacher told her that the colour of her shoes was not matching the uniform,” said the mother.

“The teacher asked my daughter to take off her shoes and walk barefoot. Her shoes were not kept in a safe place. My daughter told me that she saw during the recess that some students were playing with the pair and that she found them near the bathroom at the end of school hours.”

The mother said her daughter felt humiliated and demoralised. She panicked and was in trauma after the incident.

She said her daughter was punished the second day as well as she was asked to keep standing in the class for three periods in a row, again, for not wearing matching shoes.

According to her, that day she was asked by the school management to take her daughter home. “But I refused to take my daughter back because I thought she would be absent for the whole day, so she was given the punishment,” the mother said.