QCS offers financial aid for cancer patients

January 01, 2013 - 3:30:09 am

The chairman of Qatar Cancer Society Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani during the launch of the new website yesterday. Abdul Basit

By Isabel Ovalle

DOHA: Cancer patients can now request financial aid from Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) through the organisation’s new website at qatarcancersociety.org. The society has granted economic support to all the expatriates that have applied for it so far.

In 2012, QCS helped around 100 non-Qataris. Patients must register and send relevant documents to info@qatarcancersociety.org, in order to be treated at Al Amal Hospital. Patients who solicit aid will have a prompt response to their queries.

The chairman of QCS, Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani said at the press briefing to launch the new site, that QCS has not rejected a single non-Qatari request for financial assistance. “As we strive to present the best solutions to our community, the launch of this new website will serve as an information portal to guide patients, survivors, physicians, and knowledge-seekers through cancer and cancer treatment and prevention methods,” said.

The site also offers information about different types of cancers (breast, lung, cervical, prostate, lymphoma and leukaemia), symptoms, causes, treatment, as well as recommendations to stay healthy. The most common types of cancer among patients in Qatar are colon and breast.

An innovative part of the webpage is the tools and calculator section for users to determine their body mass index, as well as calories, heart rate and smoking cost calculator. There is also information about cancer treatment and stories of hope told by cancer survivors. The first one is that of Amira Lamey, who survived breast cancer and states to qatarcancersociety.org that perseverance and stamina helped her overcome the disease.

Qatar Cancer Society will soon move to a new building (located in front of Blue Salon department store). The new headquarters will comprise an early detection clinic, as well as other services like classrooms.

The interactive features of the site allow users to register for vaccines, make appointments, and ask for consultation. In the section ‘Join the fight’, users can easily make a donation, find out how to volunteer or sign up for events.

With this new site, the humanitarian organisation continues with its mission to prevent and treat cancer and focus on spreading awareness and implementing programmes aimed at informing the public and healthcare professionals on the disease itself. 

QCS reaches out to cancer patients, survivors and their families to help alleviate distress and suffering as well as help facilitate recovery through both emotional, as well as monetary, support.

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