Drunk bus driver causes accident

December 26, 2012 - 5:10:53 am

DOHA: Some 13 people were injured, at least four of them critically, in four road accidents that took place in different parts of the country on Monday.

The mishaps were reported from Al Khor, Abu Sidra, Al Sadd and the Industrial Area.

In the accident in Al Khor, a bus carrying some people hit another coming from the opposite direction.

Police from Al Shamal rushed to the scene of the accident and discovered that the driver of the bus was drunk and had hit the other bus while trying to overtake a car that was moving on its side of the road.

Ten people were injured in the accident, one of them critically.

The driver was taken into custody and medical tests revealed that he was drunk. 

The injured were taken for emergency medical care.

A little later the same day, a 13-year-old boy riding a motorbike was hit by a speeding car in Abu Sidra. The boy suffered fractures and was rushed to a hospital in a serious condition.

In the third accident reported during the day, an Indian worker was hit by a speeding vehicle on Street 37 in the Industrial Area and suffered serious injuries. He was rushed for emergency medical treatment.

The fourth mishap was reported from Al Sadd area of Doha, where two cars were involved in a collision, causing critical injuries to a Sri Lankan expatriate.

The traffic department has urged motorists to take extreme care while driving and has cautioned people against drink-driving.