Liquor looter gets jail term, deportation

December 12, 2012 - 4:00:02 am

DOHA:  A young expatriate posing as a police officer took from a woman liquor bottles as she was heading home with legally acquired stocks, Al Sharq reported yesterday.

A Criminal Court that heard the case sentenced the man to three years in jail for ‘looting’ alcohol and impersonating as a police official. The court ordered that he be deported after serving the sentence.

The court also sentenced a young man to six months in prison for possessing liquor bottles illegally and trading in the stocks, which were confiscated by the police.

As for the woman who was cheated, filed a complaint with Mesaimir Police saying that an unknown man had intercepted her and took liquor bottles from her which she had bought from the licensed outlet.

“The man was driving and he brought his car parallel to that of mine and waved me to stop. I was on my way home. He said he was a police official and took my liquor bottles,” the woman said in her complaint. After receiving the complaint, the police laid a trap and arrested the man and referred him to the authorities concerned for legal action. 

The other person who was accused of illegally possessing alcohol and trading in it was also arrested in a separate trap laid by the police.

The daily said incidents involving young men impersonating as policemen are on the rise. Such a person was arrested once because the victim showed presence of mind and took the photograph of the impersonator using his mobile phone camera. 

The police caught the culprit with the help of his photograph, said the daily.

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