12-12-12: A date to cash in on

December 12, 2012 - 2:40:41 am

DOHA: Retailers seem to be taking a lead in cashing in on people’s craze about distinct dates like today’s (12-12-12) that some describe as magical. 

Enthusiasts argue that there wouldn’t be 13-13-13 and if at all, there would only be 11-12-13 (exactly a year away from now), which will be a sequence and not a trail like 12-12-12. The ‘date trail’ ends with 12-12-12. 

At least two famed retailers have announced events and promotions coinciding with today’s ‘magical’ date and prominent among them are Jumbo Electronics and Quality Hypermarket. Quality Hypermarket has gone a step further and said several products would be priced at QR12 and QR1212 on this ‘Special Date’. Jumbo Electronics said “surprises” are in store at its outlets today (12-12-12) and they include 12 offers all in multiples of 12. 

The craze is particularly pervasive in the Qatari community as some have planned their marriages today, while a few want their children to be born on this day.

There was no confirmation from hospitals about the number of caesarean deliveries lined up for today, but community sources insisted some women who were pregnant and deliveries were due a little later, might go for caesarean deliveries today. Some companies and entrepreneurs have chosen today’s date to launch new projects or re-start stalled businesses. Among others, state-owned Al Wakra Hospital was due for inauguration today. 

However, not everyone thinks 12-12-12 is a lucky day, as for some it could spell a bad omen. These people have put off personal or family events to some other ‘auspicious day’. 

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