PHCC raises awareness of diabetes among school kids

December 05, 2012 - 6:21:04 am

PHCC officials conducting the lecture at the school.

DOHA: The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) recently organised a lecture for 50 students of Ali Bin Abi Taleb Independent School for Boys, to raise awareness about control and prevention of diabetes. 

Salama Al Sulaiti, PHCC’s Social Worker said, “diabetes is a very common disease in Qatar, so our aim is to inform students how to, on the first place, prevent it by changing some bad eating habits while encouraging them to do sports, and secondly, how to deal with diabetes.”  

Dr Enaam Abdulraziq, a dietician at PHCC while giving tips on  diabetic diet explained the importance of staying away from large quantities of sugar and highly processed carbohydrates such as cakes, pies and pastries; and including in diet a plenty of dietary fibre such as brown rice, oats, and raw fruits, vegetables and legumes; cutting down on the fat intake with less butter, margarine, oil and mayonnaise; and using herbs and spices instead of salt. “It is important to recognise some of the symptoms of diabetes such as frequency of urination, thirst and hunger, extreme tiredness, unexplained weight loss, slow healing wounds and blurred vision’, said Abdulraziq.

Dr Mustafa Abdel Moniem El Zorka, PHCC’s specialist in the treatment and process of diabetes, explained the clinical background of diabetes and elaborated on different types of diabetes.

“Type I diabetes develops when the body is unable to produce any insulin. It can develop at any age but usually appears before the age of 40, and especially in childhood”, said Moniem. The Peninsula