Jail, fine in draft law for insulting flag

December 04, 2012 - 5:06:42 am

DOHA: A law is on the anvil that specifies a jail term of six months and a fine of a deterring QR100,000 for those found guilty of showing disrespect to Qatar’s national flag.

This is the first time the country is to enforce a law that would specify the size, colour, design and shape of the national flag and the protocol with which it is to be hoisted atop a building.

Hoisting a dim-coloured or damaged flag atop a building and without following the protocol to be followed (it must be greeted while being hoisted) would attract punitive action, Al Sharq reports.

Also, showing disrespect to the flag by lowering it atop a building or insulting it in any way would attract punitive clauses.

The Advisory Council yesterday discussed the draft law that was forwarded by the State Cabinet after it approved it. The daily said the Council approved the draft unanimously.

The draft law has 14 articles that specify the size, colour and design of the national flag as well as the material that is to be used to make the flag. 

The draft law also covers the Emiri flag and the flag of the Qatari armed forces, the daily said.

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