Youth envoys named for Climate Movement

November 30, 2012 - 4:35:03 am

From left: Fahad bin Mohammed Al Attiyah, Nasser bin Marzook, Abdullah Al Ishaq, Sahar Al Ansari, and Maryam Al Nesf, during the press briefing yesterday.  Salim Matramkot

DOHA: Qatar’s youth ambassadors for the Arab Youth Climate Movement were announced yesterday to coincide with the Youth day at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, yesterday.   

Nasser bin Marzook, Abdullah Al Ishaq, Sahar Al Ansari and Maryam Al Nesf, were announced as the ambassadors during a press conference held on the sidelines of the conference. 

Four students are trained on climate change issues at the Qatar University said Fahad bin Mohammed Al Attiyah, Chairman Organising Sub Committee Higher Organising Committee for COP 18/CMP 8. 

The students have travelled to many countries like Brazil and the US to learn bout climate changes issues. 

“I’m amazed at the changes taken place in Qatar giving chances to the youth,” he said. 

Qatar has spent US$ 400,000 for the youth to travel for the conference from all over the world. According to Al Attiyah 13,000 delegates of the 17,000 has arrived in Doha for the COP 18/CMP 8 and the rest are expected to come next week. 

The Qatar National Convention Centre has equipped its delegates with 2000 wifi access points and 17,000 people have been watching the COP 18/CMP 8 through webcast and 35,000 PDF documents related to the conference.

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