Qatar assures air quality up to global standards

 30 Nov 2012 - 3:53


DOHA: Qatar said yesterday there is nothing wrong with its air quality as it meets international standards as per air pollution-monitoring indicators.

As for natural resources like soil and water, they, too, meet global standards. “The country’s climatic conditions have no relationship at all with industry and fossil fuel issues.”

The Ministry of Environment said the state was currently busy implementing major solar energy projects with the aim of raising the contribution of this natural source of energy to the mix. 

Qatar is among the countries that are most threatened by the climate change phenomenon because it is a peninsula, assistant undersecretary at the environment ministry, Dr Rashid Ahmed Al Kuwari, told Qatar News Agency (QNA).

One of the major threats is linked to the rising sea levels and that is why the state is working diligently to find sustainable solutions for everyone’s security.

Qatar’s interest in lowering emissions is not fortuitous. Emission levels are codified as they follow strict standards in all operations related to fossil and industrial energy. 

The country’s environmental law requires the licensing of any industrial establishment so that emission levels from operational fuel do not exceed three percent.

“This is an stringent percentage which is difficult to achieve according to international standards.” The criteria followed in all factories are determined by the usage of latest technologies.

Qatar adopts the best environmental techniques at all stages, as the Environment Protection Law No. 30 of 2002 requires a permit prior to the licensing of any facility, said Al Kuwari.

This is the stage at which the establishment and related factors are evaluated using the latest technologies to measure effects on the environment.  

A factory only enters into the production stage after receiving an operation permit, which is provided after all emission levels are measured.

An industrial unit is not allowed to operate unless it abides by the state’s environmental criteria as Qatar follows a clean production policy with every source.

On the usage of other non-fossil energy sources, Al Kuwari said Qatar has adopted a clear policy setting levels for different energy sources through what is known as the ‘energy mix’. 

Asked if Bio fuel is part of Qatar’s energy mix, the official said Qatar uses any kind of environment-friendly energy source and it would use bio fuel as long as it doesn’t endanger the environment.

Qatar is bound by a biological diversity agreement that ponders the possibility of using Bio-Fuel wisely to avoid any adverse outcomes that would affect agriculture sector and food security.

According to Al Kuwari, Qatar’s environmental standards are based on confronting climate change issues, pollution, biological diversity, water management, and waste management.

These standards are based on the results of a 2009 climate report .The ministry of environment has already embarked upon actualizing a 2011-2016 framework that includes policies for burning fuel and cutting emissions, he noted. 

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