Greenpeace says not going soft on summit

November 29, 2012 - 3:13:41 am


By Satish kanady

DOHA: ‘Wait and watch’ is what Greenpeace activists tell their critics on its alleged ‘inaction’ during the Doha COP18/CMP8 Summit. The Global NGO, which always hits the headlines for its unique protests at key global conferences, face criticism in Doha for ‘going soft’ on COP18.

To the surprise of many, in the run up to the Doha Summit, the influential NGO went on record saying it would refrain from all types of protests during the event. Hoda Baraka, Communications representative of the Arab World Project of Greenpeace Mediterranean told the media it has no plans to stage any protests during the Doha summit.

“Of course, we still take the opportunity of COP18 very seriously, and we are sending a large delegation of climate policy experts and communications specialists”, she told this paper in an interview to this paper on Greenpeace’s role in the Doha Summit.

“It’s not right to say that we are going soft on Doha. Usually Greenpeace really don’t announce its actions before it happens”, Hoda told The Peninsula yesterday.

For the time being, our focus is on the internal politics of the Parties and within the different negotiating blocs. Asked whether we could expect Greenpeace in action during the second week of the Summit, when high-profile delegates and state leaders touch down in Doha, Hoda would not commit: “It depends on the situation”. She neither denied nor reconfirmed her earlier statement that the Greenpeace would refrain from protests this time.

Asked whether she is still keeping to her pre-conference stand that Greenpeace would not stage any protest during the Doha Summit, she said: “I stand on what I tell you at this moment”.

Meanwhile, non-governmental organisations in the Climate Action Network (CAN) have expressed their disagreement with the designation of Poland as host country for the climate change conference of the parties of 2013.


In Durban, Greenpeace joined scores of campaigners from across the world at a protest at the conference centre. Media reported that Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace, along with nine other Greenpeace activists, had his UN accreditation badge removed, denying the right to reenter the Climate Change conference.

On Monday, Greenpeace demanded that a second commitment period be agreed on in Doha, and that it does not carry over the excess emission rights – or ‘hot air’ allocation – that allows governments to trade their way out of real climate action. The organisation also wanted a new climate action for countries that have no international pledges.

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Arab activists to march on Saturday

DOHA: Thousands of activists from across the Arab region and around the world will march here on Saturday (December 1) to demand urgent action on climate change issues at the negotiations taking place at the COP 18 conference. The march is thought to be the first ever event of its kind in the country. It will be under way from 8am to 10am at the Corniche Park, next to the Sheraton Roundabout. Activists from more than 15 Arab countries will participate.  

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