Father of slain woman blasts US embassy

November 26, 2012 - 3:01:52 am



DOHA: The father of the slain American woman has accused the US Embassy here and Qatari authorities of not being cooperative as, he says, he is still awaiting her body to be flown home for burial. 

Richard Brown told The Peninsula over phone yesterday that more than 10 days after his daughter Jennifer was brutally killed here by a security guard, her body has not been released.

“My girl is still over there. I got a phone call from the school this morning, saying it might take another two to three days,” a grieving Brown said. 

He said he had contacted several (US) Congressmen, Senators and even the White House for help in getting the body of his daughter home. “I have got some people here, some Congressmen, Senators working on the case, and we even got people from the White House, who are trying to get her back here.”

It has been over 10 days since Jennifer Brown, a 40-year-old school teacher, was murdered by a Kenyan security guard.

He said he had only ‘heard’ that a knife was used as the murder weapon, but there has been no confirmation to that effect.

The family has so far heard nothing from the authorities here, including the US Embassy, except the little information they are being “fed every now and then by the school” (where Jennifer taught).

“I have heard very, very, very little—in fact, I haven’t heard from the authorities at all,” said Brown, whose daughter taught at Al Wakra Campus of English Modern School (EMS).

The murder had apparently taken place at the school accommodation for teachers where Jennifer stayed.


Attempts to reach the Kenyan Embassy here for comment failed as its officials refused to speak up on the issue. 

Asked if he knew how Jennifer was killed, and if they knew the motive of the murder, Brown replied in the negative.

“I heard they caught a guy, and he confessed to it. But it was not any authority who told me that; it was the school,” he said, adding that “so far, there has been no cooperation from your end” (Doha). The US Embassy in Qatar, meanwhile, was not available for comment. A spokesman for the mission told this newspaper earlier, while confirming that “a US citizen was killed in Doha last week” that he couldn’t give further details about the incident due to US privacy laws.

Brown feels that attempts are being made to cover up the murder case, and in fact, “they don’t want people to know about it”.

He also said that he wished the process would speed up so that Jennifer (a reference to her body) might return to her home in Jim Thorpe, in Pennsylvania. “I wish you would do a story on Jennifer, to let people know there.”

The director of EMS, Judith Drotar, told this newspaper that she was “impressed” by the work of the police here and that the school trusted that “justice will be served”. She said: “The newspapers have more information than I do.”

Drotar said the school was heartbroken, and that they were mourning the loss of one of their own, but also felt that “something private has been made very public.”The Peninsula