Arithmetic book creates ripples

 22 Nov 2012 - 6:01

DOHA: An arithmetic book of a foreign private school that cites wine bottles in an illustration of an exercise has created ripples locally, reports Al Sharq.

The book is, apparently, part of the mathematics curriculum of a lower grade of the school but the very fact that it mentions wine bottles in an illustration has infuriated parents of some students.

The exercise is about how numbers can be divided and the illustration says: “Ten people share a prize of 3,000 bottles of wine. How many bottles does each get when it is shared equally?”

According to the daily, the school has ignored the fact that Qatar is an Islamic society and the illustration is against Islamic teachings and the Qatari tradition.

“The book should have cited some other example while teaching division exercises to the class,” the daily quoted an angry parent as saying.

The parent has called on the education sector regulator, the Supreme Education Council (SEC), to strictly monitor foreign private schools in the country and check their curricula.

Foreign schools shouldn’t be permitted to violate SEC guidelines, they said. “The SEC must monitor the curricula of such schools,” the parent was quoted as saying.

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