Dress modestly, QTA urges residents

November 18, 2012 - 3:15:41 am

DOHA: The Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) has asked foreigners — residents and visitors — to “dress modestly” in public places in line with the country’s Law of Ethics.

The QTA has joined a campaign being waged by a group of writers on social networking sites calling on all residents and visitors to understand the country’s traditions and values and follow the dress code as defined in 

Qatari law.

The campaign on Twitter is based on Article 57 of Qatar’s Constitution that prohibits wearing indecent clothing in public, and clarified what exactly is deemed inappropriate, said a QTA statement yesterday, while announcing its support for the campaign.

Titled “You are One of Us” the campaign urges foreigners to “dress modestly in public places by covering shoulders and knees.”

QTA said it will post the dress code guidelines on its website and include them in future guides and brochures. Posters will be put up at shopping malls and other public places highlighting this message.

“QTA lends it support to this campaign in line with the Law of Ethics. Qatar has rapidly become an important destination on the international stage and the number of visitors has considerably increased over the years. It is thus even more important for us to welcome those arriving from abroad and share with them dress code guidelines that will ensure they feel welcome,” said Hana Al Emadi of Qatar Tourism Authority.

Launched earlier this year, the “One of US” campaign reached out to visitors and residents to help them align with local traditions and culture by communicating what to wear for both women and men.

“The idea behind it was to help raise awareness of the guidelines to avoid embarrassment for expats,” said the statement.

The group’s rationale was that “they understood that foreigners come from a different culture and would not necessarily know what is acceptable in Qatar or the need to comply with etiquette and public decency,” said the statement quoting Najla Al Mahmoud, who initiated the campaign.

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